Business Model

One of the most costly mistakes in business is hiring the wrong person.
At eTeam Executive Search we combine the science and art of hiring game-changing talent.

Fee…% of First Year Salary

Up to 12 Month Guarantee

  • We have a terrific track record and we put our guarantee behind our candidates and clients
  • We are part of your onboarding process to make sure that the first 90 days goes according to plan

100% Transparency

  • Our database is open for clients to view 24/7 in real time.
  • You can see your search as it develops, beat by beat, stroke by stroke
  • Ensures that we are all on the same track and driving toward the same positive outcome

Interviewing techniques:

  • Includes behavioral and situational questions
  • Understanding how someone thinks is key to understanding their success
  • Hire people who are qualified, hire people with passion, hire people who give a sh*t

DiSC Assessment

  • It’s part of our process to ensure that we understand behaviors and learn as much as we can
  • Assessments can help assist in onboarding

We work with: Agencies, Brands, Retail and Media & Technology
We place: Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Analytics, Creative, Social, Digital, and Operations