eTeam’s Ideal Client

There is no such thing as perfection, but we have identified some features of an ideal client.

The ideal client company is passionate about growing their business.

They are invested in the idea that the best way to do that is by growing their teams of talented people.

The ideal client takes it personally. They are awake. They give a sh*t. They are responsive.

The ideal client understands the process or is easy to educate. The ideal client wants to understand behaviors, and past experiences, both the failures and successes.

An ideal client expects and provides total honesty. Trust is important. We tell you how it is and you tell us how it is and we hear one another. There are no punches pulled in the effort for open and honest communication.

An ideal client pays on time and is happy with the fee structure.

An ideal client is ongoing. We don’t really want one-offs. In an ideal world, we have clients who hire us two to five times a year to fulfill critical roles for them in an ongoing fashion. It’s about building relationships with clients who understand finding human passion and value our service.