Mark Naples

Board Advisor

Mark started WIT Strategy in October 2002 after having been CMO, Director of Investor Relations, and Privacy Officer for 24/7 Real Media. This is the second iteration of WIT Strategy, which he originally s tarted in 1994 with a focus on Senate Commerce Committee and FTC issues. The passage of the Telecom Reform Act in 1996, which he’d lobbied for on behalf of the MFJ/Baby Bells, effectively paved the way for the commercial web. Mark soon became acting managing editor of By 2000, he was CMO at Real Media and testified before that same Senate Committee on web privacy matters in 2001.

Since founding WIT Strategy a year later, he has led strategic efforts on behalf of more than 250 companies, including dozens of corporation and product launches, complete company repositioning campaigns, and more successful crisis suppressions than anyone else in the business. A contributor to iMedia Connection, Mark holds a BA in Religion from Haverford College.

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