Camilla McInnes is an Executive Search Adviser

Camilla McInnes

Founder and Director of Cameron McInnes

Camilla McInnes’ is the Founder and Director of Cameron McInnes, a well-respected pan-European executive search business. Camilla’s expertise within Executive Search has been extremely dynamic, recruiting for established, start-up and VC backed companies on various recruitment and consulting projects.

Camilla partners with companies who want to grow with the best talent, whether they are entering the European Market for the first time or are an established business. Working across all the major European cities and countries, Camilla is known for hiring professionals within major brands to meet challenging business objectives in sales, marketing, technology and operations.

Camilla has carved out a successful career spanning several years and has created a huge European network of trusted senior individuals within digital, social and technology backgrounds. Every recruitment and consulting project has been unique and different, each with a new learning curve. Camilla has reaped the rewards from these journeys and has created a company with a fresh approach to talent acquisition. It has been formed purely through experience which has created a clearly defined business objective and set of values with a focus on delivering against her client’s expectations.

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