Our Story

Our Story is the story of people

It’s the story of our clients who are passionate about their business, their culture and have the desire to succeed.  The leaders who we work with  are looking to find their most important hires; the people who are just the right fit for their culture. Whether that culture feels like a tribe, family or team, it’s the people who work together, who don’t fear failure, but carry on to success.

At eTeam we recognize that the world is changing fast

eTeam was founded on the principles that we are human and so are YOU.  We believe that changing jobs and or careers is a dramatic change for people and companies’. We make the process about YOU.  We vet the candidates and the clients, making the best matches for future success and harmony.

Our Culture has to be authentic because the world is transparent and so are we!

Vetting company cultures and candidates is a deep, detailed process. It takes patience to peel back everybody’s onion and truly understand what is their passion and desire. We need to be direct and honest. If a culture is all work and no play, then we need to find the passionate all work no play humans.

At eTeam we deliver agility, energy and creativity for marketing, creative, analytics, sales, business development, operations, client management for agencies, brands and retail.

We hire people who share your values, are passionate about the work, who give a sh*t…