International Connections

The Key to Success is Hiring a World-Class Team

We do this by getting to know YOU

The world is getting smaller and more intimate, eTeam Executive Search works with our trusted advisers in London.

eTeam Executive Search and Cameron McInnes have developed excellent relationships with established companies as well as startup and VC backed marketplace firms. Together our firms have the cultural and business expertise within the digital and technology market for agencies, analytics , brands, and retail.

Cultural fit is paramount to your achievement and, so is understanding cultures across the globe. It’s not easy, but we work diligently to understand the challenges and the profiles of individuals who can be successful in North America and in Europe and most importantly are passionate about working for you.

We have an extensive network of high level professionals and are trusted advisors to many senior executives.

eTeam and Cameron keep up with new technologies and developments in the digital and social market and within the investment community.